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Helping Hands: Why You Should Use Apartment Locators For Your Next Move

by Agustin Gimenez

If you're moving to a new city and need to find an apartment, you face a tough task unless you get some help. It's difficult to pinpoint which neighborhoods you want to live in if you know nothing about what each part of town is like, especially if you have a very short time in which to find a place to live before you start work or school. The solution is to use an apartment rental service or an apartment locator.

Prior Knowledge

Apartment locators already know what the neighborhoods are like and what various apartment complexes are like. All you have to do is let them know what you're looking for, as well as any definite requirements or things you definitely don't want. The locator can match you up with complexes around town, like Dale Forest Apartments, reducing the legwork you have to do. The locator essentially functions as a filter, eliminating the complexes that he or she knows don't fit your requirements.

Wide Access

One disadvantage of using a locator is that you're limited to the complexes that the locator knows about. However, that assumes the locator doesn't have a wide rental base. Most locators have access to many apartment complexes, and many include smaller complexes and houses in their rental databases. While some locators might charge the renter a fee, it's more common for the property to give the locator a commission for every renter placed at that property. Thus, it behooves the locator to include as many places as possible in the list of rentals, increasing the chance that a tenant will be placed.

Word of Mouth

A locator's business relies on getting good results and being recommended by happy tenants. So, the locator is going to try to find the best place possible for a tenant instead of just dumping him or her somewhere. That means that if you use a locator to find a rental, the chances are very good that you'll be shown properties that are well-managed and in great shape.

Recovery Advice

Another advantage to using a locator is if your financial history is recovering. The locator can help you find places that will accept things like prior bankruptcies. There are ways to find housing when you have a history, and the locator can help negotiate a deal.

If you're interested in getting help with renting an apartment, contact a locator service in your new city. You'll work with professionals who have a lot of experience placing people in many different situations.