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4 Places That Make Ecuador A Nature Lovers Paradise

by Agustin Gimenez

Ecuador is one of South America's loveliest countries. It has so much to offer, from historic architecture and wonderful museums, to great food and music. However, there is one area where Ecuador really stands out, natural attractions. People who love to get out into nature will love Ecuador. Below is a list of 4 amazing places that make Ecuador a nature lovers paradise.

Cajas National Park: A Birdwatchers Dream

This national park is located in the Ecuadorian highlands. Because of the high altitude is has some amazing plant varieties that are not found in many other places in South America. There are also Incan ruins. However, what makes it especially popular with people is that it is home to some of the most beautiful, and endangered, birds in the world. You can see the giant Condor, the Giant Hummingbird (the largest of its type in the world), and also a very cool violet throated hummingbird that eats only the sweet nectar of the indigenous agave.

Montanita: Surf One Of The Best Spots In South America

This coastal town has become world renowned for its excellent surfing. The waves are large enough to get some excellent runs in. There are awesome tube waves for people who love to surf a pipeline run, as well as high swells for those looking to surf freestyle on an open wave.

The beach is a great place to lay out when you're done surfing. It's a wide, long, clean sandy spot. There are lots of small restaurants and bars right on the beach.

Tortuga Bay: See Sharks and Tortoises

This beautiful bay is located in Santa Cruz Island, which is in the Galapagos grouping. It is home to a pristine, protected stretch of land that houses various protected species including iguanas, crabs, pelicans and tortoises. There is a cove where tiger sharks and reef sharks are visible. The area is heavily guarded to ensure the animals protection, so visitors must sign in and out before entering the area.

Corazon: Climb A Volcano

This is an extinct volcano that is popular with climbers. It is a great climb for people who are not ready for a severe, high climb. There are guided tours that will take people up the volcano and highlight the vegetation and volcanic geology. While the volcano is high, and will give you a great workout, it's altitude it not as high as the giant mountains in the Andes. In fact, Corazon is used by many people who are prepping to climb the high altitude mountains so that they may get acclimatized to different air pressure.

Who knows, you may just fall in love with Ecuador and want to move there. Check out Ecuador real estate listings to learn more.