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Seven Beauty Tips For When You Are Traveling

by Agustin Gimenez

Planning a trip or vacation? Bring a few things along that will preserve and protect your personal items, including your beauty products and cosmetics. Also, be prepared for things that can happen when you are away from home.

Seven tips you need to know before you go are:

1.Create a secret compartment. Keep your valuables and personal items safe during your trip; add a secret pouch to the side of your backpack. Clip, stitch, or pin a pouch on the side of your backpack that typically is against your back, so that it can't be seen but is easy to access. This is a great place to tuck your ID and cash during traveling.

  1. Clip-in a couple safety pins. Go ahead and clip a couple of safety pins inside clothing, like tops or sweaters, so that they are nearby when needed. Safety pins are one of those things that you never can seem to find when needed, and that can get lost in the shuffle due to their small-size. Pin one inside each of your bras when you travel and you will always have a pin in case of a clothing emergency!
  2. Keep a reusable bag in your purse. Tuck a reusable bag or shopping tote inside your bag for protecting your purse or handbag during the trip. You can put your expensive handbag inside the shopping bag before setting it on the floor of a plane or train, or when traveling outside during inclement weather.
  3. Protect your stuff with plastic-wrap. Place small squares of plastic wrap under liquid makeup and cosmetic lids. This ensures that even if the cap becomes loose, your clothing won't get stained or damaged by the makeup.
  4. Bring something fragrant. Tuck something fragrant like potpourri, a scented candle, or a couple sachets in your suitcase to help freshen a stale room. This also can help to remove unpleasant bathroom odors in small spaces during your vacation. 
  5. Pack with cotton pads. Place cotton or gauze pads over eyeshadows or compacts before closing the lid to protect them from becoming broken during travel. Do you have compacts that have crumbled or turned to dust? Add a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and tamp them down a bit; they will solidify again.
  6. Re-purpose pill boxes. Use a daily pill box for small jewelry items, like earrings or rings, when traveling.

Use these tips to protect and pack your beauty items when going on a trip or vacation. Take a trip to your neighborhood discount or dollar-store to find unconventional containers and products that will help you be more efficient when packing for travel.