Improving My Family Vacations

Are You Taking A Trip With Your Kids This Summer?

by Agustin Gimenez

Are you already planning a summer vacation with your kids? If so, you are probably as excited about that vacation as your kids are, aren't you? From arranging for hotels along the way to choosing a hotel at your final destination, here are some ideas that might help you.

Hotels Along The Way - Will it take more than one day to arrive at your final trip destination? If so, think of making your nightly stops part of the fun of your vacation. For example, stay at a hotel that has a swimming pool. Don't be surprised if your kids ask to hit the pool even before you arrive at your hotel. 

Be sure to make your hotel reservations early. For example, if you are traveling in states like Colorado or California, those are both very popular summer vacation spots. That means the hotel rooms might be hard to find if you wait too long. If you are bringing a dog with you, make sure that the hotels accept animals. You might have to pay a deposit if you are traveling with your dog. 

Most places you stop at will probably have the traditional fast-food chain restaurants in them. However, consider finding out ahead of time what other restaurant choices you have. From tacos to hamburgers, you might have a lot of fun eating where the natives eat.

Your Final Destination Hotel - Think of finding a hotel that offers suites, not only for stops along the way but also for the hotel where you'll stay at your final destination. By reserving a hotel suite, you will more than likely save some money. Of course, it will probably be more expensive than a single hotel room, but by getting a suite, you won't have to pay for two rooms. The math is easy, right?

Many hotel suites even have two bathrooms as part of the design. You could make one bathroom the kid's bathroom and the other bathroom the one you and your spouse will use. Or, you could designate a Boy Bathroom and a Girl Bathroom. 

Check at the front desk to see if there are movies you can check out. In fact, the hotel might even have board games you can use. Since you have chosen a hotel suite, there will be plenty of room for your family to set up a board game. Or, there will probably be a television set in both parts of your suite, which just means that the kids can watch a movie of their choice while you watch one you'd enjoy more.