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5 Reasons to Choose a Hotel Near Ship Island Excursions

by Agustin Gimenez

Ship Island is a barrier island that rests off the Mississippi Coast. Well known for its breathtaking views, relaxing environment, and wide range of entertainment options, it is a great place to visit. However, what is even better is to book your stay in the heart of it all. A stay at a hotel near many of the island's offerings can afford you several benefits.

1. Drive-Free Vacation

Traffic along the island can pick up during certain times of the year. More visitor traffic often means more vehicle traffic. A stay close to the action means that you can spend less time behind the wheel navigating traffic and more time enjoying the fun. In the end, a vacation with less driving can mean a less stressful experience.

2. Access to the Action

The closer you are to the excursions you want to enjoy, the faster you can access them. Again, visitor traffic around Ship Island can increase during certain periods of the year. So, instead of struggling to find the best seat on the boat ride or getting up extra early to make it to a morning bird watching event, since you are closer to the action, you can access these attractions easier.

3. Bundling Options

Certain hotel properties have partnerships with local excursions that benefit their guests. For instance, a hotel may partner with a boat company located near the property and offer their guests a discounted rate for rides. With this sort of bundling option, you have the opportunity to take advantage of more excursions while spending less money, which is always positive on vacation. 

4. Awesome Views

Excursions typically call the area's top spots, home. As a result, when you book a hotel near these areas, you also get to take advantage of these premier locations and enjoy the beautiful views that come with them. Whether you want to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise or a relaxing sunset, a stay at a hotel near a Ship Island excursion can afford you these views. 

5. Private Access

It is also worth noting that some of these hotels also carve off certain areas of the island for private access so that only their property guests can enjoy them. These private areas can include closed beaches with access to jet skis and other amenities. Whatever the property offers, these private areas often have less traffic, which can make your time spent more enjoyable. 

Keep all these factors in mind as you search for a property for your awesome vacation. Contact hotels near Ship Island excursions to learn more.