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Tips For Finding The Right Pet-Friendly Hotels

by Agustin Gimenez

You may enjoy traveling but now you have a pet and don't want to leave it at home or with a sitter or a shelter while you are gone. In recent years, hotels pet-friendly for their guests have begun welcoming all different species of pets. The most common pets accepted are dogs but many others will allow cats or other small animals as well. 

If you would like to travel with your pet, narrow down your lodging stay search to pet-friendly hotels only and see what comes up. Pet-friendly hotels will offer different things and have their own rules to follow to make sure you read their policies carefully.

Here are some tips for finding pet-friendly hotels.

They Offer Items And Treats For Your Pet

While you most likely will pack what your pet needs for the trip such as their food, any treats, beds, or blankets, it's possible to forget items when packing. Hotels pet-friendly for their guests will typically have special items on hand in case their guests have forgotten anything at home. Many pet-friendly hotels offer dog or cat beds, blankets, sheets to place on the bed so your pet can sleep there too, and special food items like dog biscuits, other treats, and more.

Some hotels that love having pets there will offer gift baskets filled with pet toys, dog booties, dog or cat clothes, and more. You can do your research ahead of time online to see if any pet-friendly hotels offer extras to you and your pet or you can call ahead to see if they have any extra items on hand in the event you have forgotten anything.

Pet-Friendly Excursions Or Pet Sitting

One of the reasons you travel is to see the sights of the city or town to which you are traveling to. That's not a problem if you are traveling with just your family or friends. What happens though when you are bringing your pet along with you on the trip? Do you leave them alone in the room for hours? While many cats are just fine with long times alone, dogs or some other pets usually don't do as well.

Hotels pet-friendly for their guests will give you two options. You can choose excursions that are pet-friendly or you can leave your pet at a sitter at the hotel. While not all hotels offer excursions where your pet can tag along, there are some that do. This could be a trip to a dog-friendly beach, a trip to the park, or even to restaurants that allow pets inside.

You can also choose to leave your pet at the hotel's pet sitter. This way your dog can play with other dogs and be pampered while you are away. The same is true for your cat or other pet you bring along.